Thursday, October 25, 2007

Who's Sleeping in the Bed?!

Kailey from Virginia sent me this creepy story that happened to her brother and cousin while they were on vacation in North Carolina.

Dear Jason,

My name is Kailey, the oldest of three from Virginia. One favorite subject in our household are stories of the paranormal. My dad loves watching documentaries of UFOs and my mom and I can't pass up a good show about hauntings. Perhaps one of the reasons for our interests in these eerie encounters is because they hit closer to home than you might think. One such occurance happened to my brother Cameron and our cousin Benjamin a couple of years ago, in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

It happened something like this:
Cameron and Ben were spending a week at a beachhouse with Ben's parents, his younger sister and another family. Everything was great until one night the boys were sleeping in a big bed they were sharing when a noise woke them up. They looked at the doorway where the noise was coming from to see a little girl there, dressed in her pajamas. Thinking it was one of the younger kids from the other family who had had a nightmare, they told her she could sleep in the big bed with them. The girl climbed into bed and the boys fell back asleep.

The next morning, Cameron and Ben woke up to find the little girl gone. When they asked everyone in the house if any of them had come to their room, they all said no. Rushing back to the bedroom, they were shocked to discover an indentation on the mattress where their visitor had been sleeping, as if she was still there!

And perhaps she still was, but one thing they knew for certain: they had just spent the night with a ghost.

The adults in the beachhouse told them to stop making up scary stories because they would give the kids nightmares. Typical, huh?

So Cameron and Ben kept quiet and said nothing, though they were still shaken. Once they got back home, Cameron finally did tell his story to the people he knew would believe him: me and my parents.

You see, my parents themselves had a few ghostly encounters before I was born, so they knew exactly how Cameron felt. I believed him because he and Ben would have never made up anything like what they had described.

To date, we have not tried to find out anything about the house or if any child had died there, but who knows? It might one day make for some interesting research.

Sincerely yours,

Thanks, Kailey! I'm glad someone believed Cameron and Ben.


Anonymous said...

OMG! That is like really freaky!!! I'd like think I was insane or something!!!!

Anonymous said...

that is soooooooo freaky i would like never sleep in that bed ever again

Anonymous said...

ooooooh thats so freaky i could so imagine that happening.

Anonymous said...

nice there is a lot more hauntings in North Carolina than you would think. I should know, a ghost story took place right behinde my houseQ

Anonymous said...

omg! thats soooo freaky! i live in nc to. wow!

BookLover101 said...

that is totally awesome! I wish I had a ghost experience (sorta)