Monday, October 15, 2007

Little Girl from the Past

Teresa from Kentucky sent me this tale about her encounters with a little girl from another time.


My name is Teresa and I live in Kentucky. I grew up in a haunted house. We moved in in 1972 and all was quiet for a while. My earliest memories of unusual things started at about age 6--unusual sounds, items disappearing and reappearing, the feeling you were not alone (when you know that you are the only one home), footsteps in a room where no one is physically there in the room.

When I was about eleven years old, some friends of mine and I were hanging out in the basement. We looked up into a window facing our yard and saw a girl standing there. Not unusual for our neighborhood, there were lots of kids. But no one recognized this girl and she was wearing clothing not of our time period. She had on a long dress with a white pinifore. She had blonde hair and blue eyes. She looked to be about the same age as me. By the time we raced out of the basement to the spot she had been standing in, she was gone! But we all had seen her.

A few months later, I was asleep in my room. I awoke with this feeling of not being alone in the room. And of course, there she was. The same girl, in the same clothing. She asked me what I was doing in her room. I told her it was my room now. She then told me she had come to warn me that I was in danger. I asked her what kind of danger. She simply said "Time will tell" and disappeared into thin air! I was still half asleep and the next morning I figured I had just dreamed it.

It was wintertime and the neighborhood kids decided to go ice skating at the creek nearby. We walked down there and began playing on the frozen water. I skated off by myself and suddenly got the feeling I was being watched. I looked up the hill from where I was standing and there she was!! In the same clothing, with no winter coat or shoes. About this time, I heard the ice cracking. I realized the ice was breaking, and I quickly laid down on the ice to equally distribute my weight. And I began to scream for the other kids to help me. Someone retrieved a long broken tree branch and pushed it over the ice to me. I grabbed a hold of it and they pulled me to safety. As I got to my feet in a safer place on the ice, the spot I had been standing in just gave way. When I glanced up the hill where the girl had been, she was gone.

I later asked the landlord of the house if there was anything I needed to know about the house, he hesitated but then told me. Back in the 1930's, a young girl named Lydia had died in our house. She was ten years old, and matched the description of the girl I had seen. She died of an asthma attack--in my room! I went to the library and looked at old newspapers on microfilm. After days of research, I found an article about the girl's death and a copy of her obituary. It included a photograph. It was the same girl everyone had seen.

My parents lived in the house for almost three decades. Everyone I knew was afraid to sleep in that upstairs bedroom, but me. I got used to having her around and after my experience that winter day I felt like she was just a spirit trapped between this world and the next. My younger sister who later inherited my room was terrified of the upstairs of that house, and even as an adult, slept with the lights on at night.

The house is still there and someone new lives in it now. I often wonder if they see or hear anything unusual.

Thanks so much for sharing your story, Teresa!


Anonymous said...

first! wow, creepy

Tara said...

This story is awsome! I'm so in to the supernautral!

Your Friend


psycurious said...

wow. you're making me scared of going to my favorite state. LOL. but that is just strange. O.o


ariana said...

wow!! basically that girl saved you i guess.

Anonymous said...

you are really brave to sleep in that room

Anonymous said...

i think that wuld be amazing!!! usually ghosts want to harm people and she became ur friend!! thats way cool

teresa said...

it was an experience! To this day, if you mention that house to my sister Sheila, all the color will drain from her face and you can see first hand how terrified of that house. You see after I moved out, she inherited my room and didn't like "sharing" it with Lydia. She refused to sleep upstairs without all the lights on, and this continued well into adulthood.