Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Phoenix Lights

Austin from Arizona sent me this tale of his UFO sighting. Check it out!

My name is Austin and I'm from Arizona. I read your book. It was awesome!!! Keep posting stuff on your blog!

Well anyway, I was sleeping in my room when I heard a low humming noise. When I looked out my window I saw a giant cylinder shape with a red light on it! I thought my mind was playing games with me so I went back to bed. When I woke up I turned on the news and found out several other people saw it too! It was called the "The Phoenix Lights". The government tried to cover it up by saying it was flares. Other stories said that it was the government testing a top secret plane. But if it was that, then why would they fly it over a large city? I believe it was aliens. What do you think?

Well, Austin, I can't tell you for sure since I wasn't there to see it. But the fact that other people saw the same thing on the same night tells me that it was not in your head! Thanks for sending this to me!!

The Driverless Car

Bella from Minnesota sent me this tale of her close encounter with a car...that just happened to have no driver!

Dear Jason,

Hi, my name is Bella. I live in Minnesota. Anyway, there is an old railroad bridge outside of town by a park called the Thunder Valley Park. The bridge's name is the Black Bridge. Legend has it that in early summer, a ghost train passes through, carrying dead bodies and you can hear a funeral march playing. My friends Anne, Jodie and I love to bike by the bridge. One day, in early summer, we were biking down by the bridge, and we heard gravel churning behind us. We looked behind us, and we saw a really, really old white car. It caught our attention immediately, because it was so old. But here comes the scary part. We looked into the car, and in the right-hand passenger seat, was an old lady dressed entirely in white. She looked to be about eighty years old. She was sitting very stiffly with her hands in her lap, making it impossible to drive. We looked to see who was driving, BUT THERE WASN'T ANYONE IN THE DRIVERS SEAT!!!! At first, I thought my mind was playing tricks on me, but when I looked again, I still didn't see anyone!!!! We looked at each other and then started to scream and freak out! We hopped on our bikes and looked back at the car, and it was totally gone, and we were on a one lane gravel road, so we would have heard it if it passed us. We sure got out of there as quick as we could!!!!!! I still am scared to this day! We haven't been back to the bridge since! Thanks for reading this Jason.


Thank YOU, Bella for sharing!

The Bride of Cumberland Falls

Jessalyn and her sister Taylor sent me this bit of lore from their home state of Kentucky. I love local legends and this is a great one:


My name is Jessalyn. My sister, Taylor, and I have a great story for you. We know of a legend called "The Bride of Cumberland Falls". There are many different versions of it. Here is the most well known version:

A little over sixty years ago, a man and woman were to be married at the lodge of Cumberland Falls. On the night they had planned to get married, the groom called to say he was running late. Hours passed and the man never showed up. They were getting ready to go searching for him when the news came that the man had been killed in a car crash. The woman was so upset over her fiance's death, that she went to the top of the falls and jumped off what is now called Lover's Leap. Now it is said that she roams Cumberland Falls looking for her dead fiance.

Many people have seen the bride, including myself and my sister. My dad, who used to work there, has also seen her. One night he was locking up the lodge. He had finished locking up and remembered he had left his clipboard inside. He went in to get it, and found that every door in the building was open! And he had just locked them all! That is just one of many strange things that have happened there. I hope you have enjoyed the legend of "The Bride of Cumberland Falls".

Jessalyn and Taylor

You bet I did! Thanks for sending it along!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

The Stephenville, Texas UFO

Okay, the paranormal community (you guys know who you are!) has been buzzing about the mass sighting by bunches of people of a UFO in Stephenville, Texas at sunset on January 8, 2008.

Nothing that strange about that, you might be saying (I know, I can hear you). True. But here's the unusual part of the story. The mainstream media, from ABC News to CNN has been covering this story...and taking it seriously. No smirks, rolling eyes, or condescending jabs at "those wacky folks" who see UFOs. Nope. Straight news coverage.

Check out these links:

ABC News


Fox News


CBS News

Of course the air force is dismissing this as nothing (can you say Roswell?). No big shock there. Anyway, check it out and decide for youself. And if anyone from Stephenville actually saw this I'd love to hear from you!


Eerie Radio interview

Hey everyone,

Check out the interview that Scary States of America author Michael Teitelbaum did on Eerie Radio, a radio show devoted to--what else?-- all things paranormal!

Here's the link: