Thursday, October 25, 2007

Vision of the Future

Heather from Kentucky sent me this story about a vision she had that unfortunately came true.

Hello Jason,

My name is Heather and I live in Kentucky now, but I use to live in Indiana.

I started having dreams and visions that came true when I was 13 or 14.. I didn't really think about it too much or even really make the connections till I was getting ready for school one morning.... I was staring at myself in the mirror when all around me everything seemed to fade to black. I then saw a little girl dressed in black leaning over a coffin and my grandfather was laying inside. The image began to fade and my knees felt weak and I fell to the floor. I was stunned for a bit, but was finally able to get up. I went into the kitchen to talk to my mom who had been on the phone. She then told me that my grandfather was dying.

I have many more stories, too many to write here. But if this helps you in anyway I will be happy.


Thanks, Heather, for sharing this sad but amazing tale.


Anonymous said...

I thought i was the only one!! Good to know theres others. By the way heather sorry to hear about ur grandfather.
A friend

psycurious said...

that's sad and cool! i have a story that no one believes but it's true, but i won't type it here.


Anonymous said...

Sooo sorry about your grandfather! Like mine passed away too so I like know how you feel! :(
Please write again!

ariana said...

Sorry that you're grandfather died. Looking into the future is pretty awesome though.

Anonymous said...

I wish I can predict the future.

Anonymous said...

i can do that to!! im glad that happens to others and not just me! share ur stories again sometime!

Anonymous said...

Your not the only one I'm also a future seer its more like daydreaming but then it comes true like time pauses as it happens I'm with u