Friday, September 4, 2009

TFF (Telepathic Friends Forever)

Tristan from Virginia sent me this tale of a dream she had at camp about her best friend. Not unusual, right? But what happened next...well, read on, friends.

Hi Jason. My name is Tristan and I live in Virginia. I'm a normal twelve-year-old girl. But I had a REALLY weird experience last week when I went to camp. I believe I had telepathic communication with my best friend.

Okay, so I was at camp for the week. You know, campfire, cabins, pranks, counselors, mess hall, the whole thing. Well, on Monday night I had a dream that was SO vivid, it was kinda like I was there! It started with me and my friend's sister in their kitchen. (both of them are my friends) and we were in front of the stove, mixing something in a big bowl. I told her something, and, in the EXACT same way she does when I'm actually with her, she said "good" and turned around and left. Then her brother- my best friend- came up the steps in a plaid fox hat, and his green fox t-shirt and we started talking. I woke up in my bunk, a little dazed the next morning. I decided it was just because I missed them that I had the dream. So I forgot about the whole thing....until wednesday night at the campfire. I felt a throbbing pain, as if I'd been smacked on part of my head. I just shrugged that off, too.

When I got back home the next day, I told my friend's sister what happened, describing everything. "What did you say he was wearing in your dream? " she asked me when I was done. I repeated the dream. "That's what he wore on Tuesday!" she said, her eyes wide. "And I smacked him on Wednesday night, too. Around the time you described! And I thought I heard you walking around upstairs!"

So I think, we think, we MAY be telepathic. Nobody believes me! Not my parents and almost none of my friends believe me, either. You believe me, don't you?

You bet, Tristan. Like you, I'm wide open to the possibilities that weird stuff happens out there. Thanks for sharing this!