Monday, October 15, 2007

The Ghosts of a Christmas Past?

Ed from Pennsylvania sent this tale of a very bizarre July!!

My name is Ed and I'm from Pennsylvania.

This event was experienced by my brother and me. We were walking our dog on her nightly outing. We noticed a house brightly lit with the blinds/shades up. Inside were people wearing heavy coats and clothing. They were having a great time. Why not? Everyone was celebrating Christmas inside the house!

Only one thing! It was the middle of July and these people were having a Christmas party!

At that point, our dog was acting funny as if something was not normal. We left the area. Oddly, there was no one on the street while we were there. Again, it was July in a big city and people sometimes sit out on their steps.

A few days later, we went past the same house. To our surprise, the house was boarded up. We asked a neighbor about the house never mentioning what we saw just a few nights ago. The person said that the house was boarded up after a fire had killed almost everyone inside. My brother and I looked at each other with no comment.

The next thing he told us shocked us beyond belief...

The disaster took place over twenty years ago during a Christmas celebration!

We still talk of this event 40 years later.

Wow! Talk about a party going on for too long!! Thanks for your story, Ed.


Anonymous said...

Great story! I myself believe I've seen Christmas trees in houses in the middle of summertime. But obviously, I'm a little crazy.

Anonymous said...

Lol! Funny comment! I have to say that story was creepy. The fact that your dog was acting weird adds credibility to your story in my eyes. People say that dogs tend to act funny when ghosts are near by. I believe you! Have you had any other paranormal experiences?

Sarah said...

Whoa! That's an awesome story! Kinda hard to believe, but ya know what they say, "You can't believe until you experience paranormal yourself!"!! Anyway, Jason, LOVE your site! I got your book for my birthday and I have read every story in there about 10 times!! ;)

Anonymous said...

whoa! Merry Hauntmas to you!

Vampire Mick said...

I know about those certain type of hauntings. They're called death echos. it's where a ghost(s)experience they're death over and over again and are trapped in a repeation of they're death forever. strangely though in your story they died during a christmas party, now i am just makin the assumption that it was in december, but usualy death echos only happen on the anniversary of they're death. but you are lucky you saw even simply part of the death echo.

Merry Christmas.

Emeraldsfire said...

That's really wierd. I've never heard something like that.

Anonymous said...

OMG scary ghost christmas party!?!?! AHHH

Anonymous said...

that is very creepy but i am interested in that sruff so it is really cool and it is also cool that they are called death echoes. well you learn somting new every day!
have a very creepy christmas!