Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Werewolf in the Backyard

Colin from New York sent me this story about his encounter with a werewolf.

Hey, Jason.

My name is Colin and I'm an 8 year old boy living in upstate New
York. I'm reading your book right now and I really like it. Now
here's one of my stories.

Last night, I was at a Halloween party. It was two days after a full
moon and it was still really big in the night sky.

There's a path in the woods that comes up behind the house where we were attending the party. Me and my friend, Katie, decided to check it out.

I just started on the path when I heard a weird noise. And I don't
mean "Boo!" I mean, it was a loud, deep growl. I said, "Did you hear
that, Katie?" She nodded.

I stared deeper into the woods and saw a stick-like figure leaning
against a tree. Then it broke a branch and went down on all fours.

I kept walking further down the path. Katie stayed back. She was
pretty scared. I never saw her like this.

Then I saw its head. It was a wolf-like head. It was furry and
oval shaped. It was looking the other way and I could make out a body. It was furry and had big claws. And it smelled horrible.

Then I called to my dad to give me his cell phone camera. I took one picture of the creature but it didn't come out good. You could just see its back, running away.

Then I heard a twig break. Then another. Then another. Then I heard it breathing on my neck. I didn't want to look back. I was running so fast that I tripped over a log. I yelled out then I got up and kept running until I was out off the woods.

I told everyone about what happened but they didn't believe me. I took all the kids into the woods but I took a wrong turn.

I saw the stick-like creature again. Although, this time he was walking upright on his two back legs - like a human. Katie saw it but
the other kids never did.

No one but Katie believed my story. But I thought maybe you would so I wanted to tell you about it.

Thanks, Colin. Too bad that picture didn't come out too well. Still, a scary encounter!


Anonymous said...

I believe you! Did you here werewolves are also supposed to live in wisconsin? But I would have been scared stiff! Especially if i was your age. Cool story!

Anonymous said...

Great Story! Cant belive you actually saw the werewolf and it was chasing you! I would of not been able to move because I would be so scared.

roberto_99 said...

that must have been scary for u and did u know that werewolves came from england

roberto_99 said...

did u know dat people who r werewolves cant remember when they r werewolves

Anonymous said...

I believe that you're telling the truth. I believe in werewolves. Sometimes on full moons I try to look for werewolves. Never worKS. Maybe I should go to New York.

Anonymous said...

Pretty brave for a kid your age Colin

Anonymous said...

I totally believe you! I've never seen a werewolf myself (and I'm not sure that I want to) but the fact that they exist is amazing! If I was you I would have run in the other direction :-) You're really brave for a kid your age

Anonymous said...

that was scary and the most unbelivable part was that u went BACK again into the woods just to proove wat u saw-preety brave if u ask me!

peacefulrere said...

wow!!! Amazing I wonder if it still follows u to this day!!! =o I must belive u because I'm a fan myself but I wouldn't want to have one encounetered!!! I'm a New Yorker myself and never saw one!!! At least youre brave!! =)

Anonymous said...

cool story

Miss Werewolf Know-it-all said...

Did you know werewolves are accually humans that transform into beasts at midnight every full moon? Was Katie really there? I'm just sayin'.

roberto said...

but i think that werewolves travel if there is too much people and so it probably went throu forest area to get to new york were you saw it plus they can climb trees so maybe no one saw it

JB said...

i would do the same thing RUN!!!!

Anonymous said...

i live in new york, and i've heard some growling noise's in my backyard

Anonymous said...

well i believe u i live in new york to u r so brave.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sweet!werewolves are pretty cool i hope to have an encounter with one!
Kyle Kaough

Anonymous said...

that is so awsome!!!!!!!!!!!me and my friend believe in werewolfs infact on full moons we pray to the "moom goddess" to watch over us.

miss wow said...

miss wow that's scary says wow are you ok I believe you trust me one time I saw a thing stand up on it hind legs creep right It was big and I mean big

Kawanii Wolfsbane said...

pretty cool but why would werewolfs have a stick like figure?
It wouldve been shaped like a human i suppose, im a new yorker but ive never heard growling or any sign of a werewolf in the woods near my house, ive heard my dog growl before but thats it. I like vampires better.

Anonymous said...

werewolves are dangerous things, who in their right mind would want to encounter one of these things. better left alone, and think about them them from extreme distance.

Anonymous said...

I've camped in New York state and ive seen things kinda like that. ive seen many werewolves though. to me bcuz ive seen so many they dont scare me anymore that much