Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Ghost of Walt Whitman

Kevin from New Jersey sent me this hair-raising tale of his night in the cemetery where the great American poet Walt Whitman is buried. Whitman lived out his final years in New Jersey, and apparently still enjoys the place! Check it out:

Yo dude,

Boy do I ever have a story for you! Well first, I live in New Jersey, and I'm reading your book. I live near an old cemetery that has Walt Whitman buried in it. One Halloween Night I was thinking: I wonder what it would be like if I went to the cemetery at night. So, of course, I did!

I was scared walking toward Walt Whitman's grave but, well, like you, I love scary things! Now, I've been here during the day and I knew there was a huge lock on the Whitman mausoleum. Surprisingly, that night the lock was gone! And I was thinking "Ok Kevin, don't get scared. Don't get scared." Then I heard something like a loud thump coming from inside the mausoleum. But I was like, "OK, it's just a nearby car or something. It's not really coming from inside." Then I heard it again. Louder this time. And this time I saw the door handle on the mausoleum start moving! As I ran for my life, I heard the creak of the door, but didn't dare look back. So much for seeing a dead poet! Later I found out that his whole family is buried there, so it could have been any of them! That gave me the chills. I don't think I'll be going back again at night.

Your Fellow Lover of the Paranormal,

Monday, August 13, 2007

Cat Ghost!

Rachael from California sent me this story about what happened shortly after her cat died:

Hello, my name is Rachael and I live in California. I kind of believed in ghosts but now I really do since I saw one for myself.

It was about a week after my cat Sally was killed by a dog next door. I was home alone and (you know how all cats have a different meow) I could hear Sally meow. I looked out the window and there she was! I ran out outside to her but there was nothing there! Then about an hour later I looked out my window again and I saw her. I knew it was her! The next day I was dropped off at my house and when I went inside I heard Sally. I went into my room and there she was laying on my bed!!

It was really creepy. I didn't even get another cat until a month later.

thanks for listening,

Rachael :)

Thank you, Rachael! Listening to stories about the paranormal is what I'm all about! :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Orbs in the cave, whispers in the graveyard

Sam from Maryland sent me this tale of a guided tour through a haunted town, and Sam, to answer your question, the people who sent me the stories in the book all claimed that they were true. Of course I wasn't there to experience each and every one (though as you can see in the book) I was there for a few. I believe the people who send me stories, and I trust that they are telling me the truth. Just as your story really happened to you, I believe that their stories really happened to them.

Here's the story Sam sent me:

Hi, my name is Sam and I'm from Maryland. Your book is so creepy yet so fascinating. Are all those stories really true? Well, anyway, I am very superstitious and I am such a big baby when it comes to ghosts and monsters and stuff like that. So when mom signed up for a guided tour through Williamsburg, I freaked out. I made sure I brought my camera so I could snap some cool pics. When the tour guide came she introduced herself. Then, we started a tour of a lifetime. Now, this was about 3 years ago and I have a very bad memory so, I'll try to remember as much as I can. First, we started the tour off by going to a little house that is said to have ghosts. Of course there were no ghosts at 6 o'clock. Next, we went to a spooky grave that is haunted. It was already dark so it was creepy. The tour guide said that there are orbs in the cave. So, of course I had to prove it. I took some pics and I saw that there were hundreds of orbs everywhere. and some of them were even all smoky and foggy looking. Then, I started to feel a tingling sensation down my neck. There was also a video we took with my dad singing (how embarrasing). There were orbs surrounding him! I was getting creeped out. Finally we went to a graveyard. It was creepy! I could hear whispers everywhere, and no ones lips were even moving. I couldnt sleep that night and the next, but it was truly something I will never forget.