Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Video Ghost

Sometimes video cameras or audio recorders can capture the sights or sounds of spirits that can't be seen with your eyes or heard with your ears. Here's one such tale from New Jersey:

Hi. For safety reasons I won't tell you my name, but I am from New Jersey.

The other day my best friend was sleeping over. We were creating videos on her professional camcorder. When she went to the bathroom, she told me to edit the video.

I was going over the footage. You could see me dancing to Lady GaGa's Bad Romance. However, in the background you could kind of see a woman. Her hair was draped over her face, and she was wearing a yellow dress. Just as my best friend started to aim the camera at the dresser the woman disappeared. I ended up never telling my best friend. And she never found out because her camera has an eraser feature where you can draw over any image. When we created our next video, I walked over to where I had seen the woman, and there was a shred of yellow fabric, right there!

Pretty creepy right?

Take Care!

Anonymous Jersey girl

Very creepy! Thanks for sharing!

The Captain Who Wouldn't Leave His Ship

Everybody knows that Boston is a city filled with history. Well, here's one story about a bit of history that never went away:

Dear Jason,

Hi! Did you know that the ship, Old Ironsides, in Boston is haunted? Well it is. This is my story.

My family and I were in Maine for a family reunion when me and my dad decided we wanted to go to Boston and walk the freedom trail. Nobody else wanted to come so we headed out in our car to Massachusetts.

When we arrived we went to Old Ironsides first. We waited for about an hour until we finally got on the boat. As we continued the tour I wandered a few feet away from the group. We soon got close to the Captain's quarters when I started to feel like I was being watched. Soon I was breathing really fast like I had just run a marathon.

Suddenly a rustic voice said "Get off my boat!" Then it felt as if someone pushed me towards the stairs. After we got off the boat I asked my dad if he felt anything. He said "No. Why?"

"No reason." I replied.

It still haunts me to this day and you are the first person I've told. Please believe me Jason.


P.S. I love your book!

Of course I believe you. Wow! Sounds like you got more than just the usual souvenir of your visit.

Girl in the Mist

Old houses can be fun to visit or even live in. Sometimes, however, previous residents haven't completely moved out...as in this story sent in by Dawson from Ohio:

Hello, I'm Dawson from Ohio.

My old house was built on the site of a former 1800's school house. During renovation, a young girl's shoe, and an ink well were found.

One winter in 1993 I was home alone when my dogs; Chloe the cocker spaniel and Windsor the German Shepard mix, started growling, as if preparing for a fight. Suddenly, pale mist poured around the room, then a girl appeared from the mist. Surprisingly, I was calm, the girl had black flowing hair and dark, soulless, eyes and a dress that looked like it was the 1800's.

Then it was gone.

My parents didn't believe me, but I hope you do.


As I have said many times, I have no reason not to believe the people who send me stories. Thanks for sharing yours.