Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Girl in the Mist

Old houses can be fun to visit or even live in. Sometimes, however, previous residents haven't completely moved out...as in this story sent in by Dawson from Ohio:

Hello, I'm Dawson from Ohio.

My old house was built on the site of a former 1800's school house. During renovation, a young girl's shoe, and an ink well were found.

One winter in 1993 I was home alone when my dogs; Chloe the cocker spaniel and Windsor the German Shepard mix, started growling, as if preparing for a fight. Suddenly, pale mist poured around the room, then a girl appeared from the mist. Surprisingly, I was calm, the girl had black flowing hair and dark, soulless, eyes and a dress that looked like it was the 1800's.

Then it was gone.

My parents didn't believe me, but I hope you do.


As I have said many times, I have no reason not to believe the people who send me stories. Thanks for sharing yours.


Cody (A.K.A OccultKid said...

Dude I checked your book out and in 1 day i read 187 pages...wow. So is this Lizard Man dude real? my grandma lives in Bishopville.

Anonymous said...

sounds realy freaky!