Monday, December 28, 2009

Ghost in the Keyboard

Shelby from Massachusetts sent in this tale of an encounter with a ghost that communicated through a computer's keyboard.

Hey Jason!

My name is Shelby and I love your website! This is what happened to me on a "normal" Massachusetts evening.

My dad works with computers. In fact, he is a computer freak! Well I was on my computer and suddenly the screen went black! And boy I was mad! I had worked night and day on a speech for a group I am in. I called my dad and told him what happened.

"Just do that and it should work again." he said after telling me what to do. But it didn't. So I sat in a chair in the room and read your book (What a shocker, I never put that thing down). I was just finishing "My House is Bleeding" when...

Click click click tap tap

"What the...?" I looked around.

Tap tap click tap

The keys on the computer were typing something. 'Hello' It said. I was freaking out. "Hi..." I said nervously.

Tap tap click tap click click tap

'My name is Emily' It said. 'Do not be afraid I will not hurt you'

"Umm, good to know... Did you live here?" I asked feeling a little better.

Tap tap tap

'Yes. Once, but I died of Yellow Fever when I was only twelve.'

"Oh. Sorry to hear that. How do you know how to use the computer?"

Tap tap click tap click

'I have watched you and your family use it. I only trust you though."

"Okay. Well I invite you to stay with me here. We are a nice family, Emily." I said finally calling the ghost by its name. "See you later. Bye."

Tap tap click click tap click

'Thank you for being so welcoming. Take care.'

I ran downstairs to tell my mom what had just happened. But she won't believe me (I hope you do Jason!). To this day Emily will often visit me. She can tell when I am depressed, angry or happy. She now is like a friend to me. I hope she will never leave me.

Thanks for listening Jason.


Thanks for sharing your story, Shelby. Kinda gives a whole new meaning to the term "ghost writing"!


Anonymous said...

Hi Shelby

I am from england. I have had a similar experience.

About seven years ago I was on the computer late at night. I was experimenting with the speech recognition program on Microsoft word.

Hmm.. I'm kind of thinking about setting the program up on my new pc. Wonder if someone else will communicate with me.


Ggirl said...

Wow! That was brave.

Anonymous said...

Awsome!I belive you!

Anonymous said...

Ur story was really awesome! i totally believe u. People who dont believe are often just afraid of the unknown.

Alexander said...

A friendly ghost, jeez you hardly hear a story like that. It would be cool to have a ghost friend

Anonymous said...

nice story kinda reminds me of how my computer was randomly sending emails

gordon31 said...

only people who don't believe in GHOSTS don't believe you which is very few people

Anonymous said...

thats soooooooo coool AND weirddddddd