Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Captain Who Wouldn't Leave His Ship

Everybody knows that Boston is a city filled with history. Well, here's one story about a bit of history that never went away:

Dear Jason,

Hi! Did you know that the ship, Old Ironsides, in Boston is haunted? Well it is. This is my story.

My family and I were in Maine for a family reunion when me and my dad decided we wanted to go to Boston and walk the freedom trail. Nobody else wanted to come so we headed out in our car to Massachusetts.

When we arrived we went to Old Ironsides first. We waited for about an hour until we finally got on the boat. As we continued the tour I wandered a few feet away from the group. We soon got close to the Captain's quarters when I started to feel like I was being watched. Soon I was breathing really fast like I had just run a marathon.

Suddenly a rustic voice said "Get off my boat!" Then it felt as if someone pushed me towards the stairs. After we got off the boat I asked my dad if he felt anything. He said "No. Why?"

"No reason." I replied.

It still haunts me to this day and you are the first person I've told. Please believe me Jason.


P.S. I love your book!

Of course I believe you. Wow! Sounds like you got more than just the usual souvenir of your visit.


Spirit Freak said...

I bealive you and wow !! i wouldent be able to sleep ever!

Anonymous said...

you've really heard a ghost!!!! wow Im really not alone!

taneshawilliams44 said...

wow i belive you i really felt like ive been in contact with ghost sometimes i hear and see weird things

kawasaki said...

i hear and see weard things too sometimes it gets creepy sometimes its soothing