Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Bride of Cumberland Falls

Jessalyn and her sister Taylor sent me this bit of lore from their home state of Kentucky. I love local legends and this is a great one:


My name is Jessalyn. My sister, Taylor, and I have a great story for you. We know of a legend called "The Bride of Cumberland Falls". There are many different versions of it. Here is the most well known version:

A little over sixty years ago, a man and woman were to be married at the lodge of Cumberland Falls. On the night they had planned to get married, the groom called to say he was running late. Hours passed and the man never showed up. They were getting ready to go searching for him when the news came that the man had been killed in a car crash. The woman was so upset over her fiance's death, that she went to the top of the falls and jumped off what is now called Lover's Leap. Now it is said that she roams Cumberland Falls looking for her dead fiance.

Many people have seen the bride, including myself and my sister. My dad, who used to work there, has also seen her. One night he was locking up the lodge. He had finished locking up and remembered he had left his clipboard inside. He went in to get it, and found that every door in the building was open! And he had just locked them all! That is just one of many strange things that have happened there. I hope you have enjoyed the legend of "The Bride of Cumberland Falls".

Jessalyn and Taylor

You bet I did! Thanks for sending it along!!


Anonymous said...

I have been to cumberland falls and I saw a wierd looking woman in torn up fancy clothing,I thought that my eyes were playing tricks on me but maybe they werent!

Anonymous said...

i also saw the bride too it was FREAKY!!!! :<

ariana said...

Wow!!!Now I think I should go to Cumberland Falls and take a little "tour" you might say.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sounds creepy but kinda cool.

Anonymous said...

wow!i should go there how weird i'll get on it a.s.a.p. thanks

Will PN freak said...

That really make me want to visit
Cumberland Fall