Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ghost in the Basement

Sara from Ohio sent me this tale of what she encountered when she went downstairs to do something that's terrifying to everyone--clean her basement!


Here's the story. We just moved into a big brick house that was pretty old. A lot of people lived here and left all kinds of furniture and junk in our basement. I guess my parents thought I looked bored because they asked me to start cleaning it out. I really didn't want to clean at the moment but I had nothing else to do.

I started down the carved, creaky, wooden stairs. It was hard to find the light switch because it was at the bottom of the steps. A few minutes later, I was looking through papers when I heard a loud CRASH! I looked behind me to see that all of the organized stacks of papers I just stacked on a shelf were scattered on the floor.

I was very angry. I worked hard for hours!!! Whoever it was, was going to pay!!! Too bad I didn't know I was dealing with a ghost.

I decided to forget what happened. But when I turned back to the papers, they were gone! I started looking everywhere. Under boxes, behind chairs, but when I looked behind an old rocking chair I heard a low angry voice say "OUT, GET OUT!!!!'

I was terrified. I ran upstairs and explained everything to my parents who, of course, didn't believe me. I made them follow me to the basement but when we all got down their, everything was neat and organized, as if nothing had happened!


Thanks for the story, Sara. So what have we learned? Never clean your basement!!


Transalta said...

Love the site jason. I'm reading the book the scary states of america right now.

Anonymous said...

cool man sometimes i see ghost and hear thing i am 13

Anonymous said...

I read your book to jason i read the story in your book about you and your cousin rich picking up that hitchhiker thats pretty scary im never going to pick up any hitchikers!