Thursday, September 11, 2008

Scary States and Encyclopedia Horrifica Team Up to Find the New Jersey Devil!

Hey fans of the frightful, the weird, and all things paranormal!

On Sunday September 28, Michael Teitelbaum, the children's book author who helped bring The Scary States of America to print will be teaming up with Joshua Gee, the author of the amazing Encyclopedia Horrifica for a fight-filled appearance at the Crane-Phillips House in Cranford, New Jersey. For all the details click here.

Both authors will be exploring the history of the cryptid known as the New Jersey Devil. Myth? Legend? Or real life creature? Find out at this event. For those you unfamiliar with the New Jersey Devil (and no, we're not talking about hockey here) you can check out the New Jersey story in The Scary States of America.

And be sure to check out Joshua's terrifically terrifying website, and of course his fear-filled, fact-packed book, Encyclopedia Horrifca.

Hope to scare, I mean, see you there!


Carly said...

Can't wait to see it line up on store shelves!

jazreel said...

I thought the Jersey Devil is a bat

Anonymous said...

I,ve read both books like 150 times already!