Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cat Ghost II

Poltergeistgrl from Virginia sent me this tale (tail? ha-ha) about her cat who died, but continued to hang out with her. I have heard stories about cat ghosts before (check out the story from California) and this is another great one for my collection. Read on:

hey J!

Your book is awesome! i had no clue that creepy things happened in EVERY state of the US. Im not what u would call a UFO or paranormal freak, but my friends and I have had our share of creepy experiences around our little Virginia town. i have plenty to share with u about all of my friends stories but this one is by far the scariest ever!

ok, i was only six and i had been at school when my cat, Alley, who i had since i was born got run over by a car. When i got home my parents had to tell me the grisly news. i saw her put to rest in our backyard and we went on with our lives. the next Halloween (coincidentally, her birthday) i set a grave stone where we had buried her with her picture and then i went trick-or-treating. when i got back i glanced at her grave, nothing was there. No picture, no gravestone, nothing! i quickly ran inside my house to ask my family what happened but no one was there but me. later i went to bed, securely closing my door and laying down. After an hour or so, I heard MROWWWWWWW! I quicky sat up and sitting on my dresser was Alley! She had a weird blue aura around her and had stars in her eyes! i was freaked. when i moved over to touch her, she vanished! in the morning when I dragged myself out of bed i asked my parents if they heard anything weird, they said i was crazy! you believe me dont u? -Poltergeistgrl

Of course. I always trust that the people who send me stories are telling the truth. And, as I mentioned, this is not first case of a cat ghost I have heard about. Thanks!


Spottedheart said...

DUDE! I'm Spottedheart, Poltergeistgrl's bestest friend ever and DUDE THIS IS AWESOME because I've seen the dead Alley myself..
Poltrgeistgrl showed me Alley's grave in her backyard in the bushes. So I think it was about a month later and we were driving by her house and a tortiseshell kitty jumps out of the bushes (were Alleys grave was) and runs onto the road infront of our car and my mom slammed on the breaks and got outta the car and DUDE nothing was there. Later on Kat... I mean.. Poltergeistgrl, told me Alley was a tortishell O_O


Anonymous said...

hey i have a cat hes 6 and is grey and white but is lac tose and tolerent also are you still upset about your tortiseshell cat

Katie said...

poltergeistgrl- ya and i keep bringing kitty food to her grave and the next day it vanishes

Anonymous said...

My BFF has a VERY noticeable ghost cat.I'll gladly tell her she's not alone!

virginiapatriotaustin11 said...

I'm sorry about your cat, but at least its not a lizard man encounter!

Nina said...

I'm so scared that i cant move!!