Sunday, December 16, 2007

Another Alaska Bigfoot Encounter

Those of you who have read my book know all about one man's encounter with a Bigfoot in Alaska. My buddy Eli sent me this story about his friend's uncle's face-to-face with the big hairy guy, also in Alaska. Do I see a trend here? Check it out:

Hi, JS,

My friend Paul told me this story. Here's what he told me:

My Uncle Kirk lives with me now, but he used to live in Alaska. When he was there he got caught in a colossal snow storm. He hiked around the forest and caught a rabbit for his dinner. But, unfortunately, he didn't like rabbit meat, so he let it go. On he hiked, farther and farther into the woods. But at about 6:30, he heard a growl behind him. And like Colin, who sent you "Werewolf In The Backyard" said, I don't mean BOO! I mean GGGGGGRRRRRRAAAAA!!!!!

Then he felt a tapping on his neck. When he turned around, he saw a dark figure. When he raised his flashlight, he saw that the figure looked like an ape of some sort. It was standing up on two legs and grasping the very rabbit Uncle Kirk had caught! Uncle Kirk ran and got away from whatever the big ape thing was (can you say "Bigfoot!").

That's all Paul told me. If I hear more, I'll send it to you. Merry Christmas! Hope you don't live in Alaska!


Thanks Eli and please thank Paul for sharing this close encounter of the snowy, hairy kind!


Colleen said...


Big fan of the blog! Lots of cool stories here; I even sent you mine!

Anonymous said...

I would have ran like a mad cow!

Anonymous said...

Cool! Man, I sure hope I don'y get lost in alaska!

edav38 said...

This SOUNDS Like the Big Foot was trying to help the guys Uncle.

His Uncle was trying to find food, the Big Foot noticed he let this one go, or maybe THOUGHT the Rabbit got away, and just wanted to help his Uncle.

I TRULY BELIEVE that the Big Foot are NOT mean, and just want to be left alone.

Scientists say they can't exist because we haven't found remain of any. But, How May Deer, Bears, Wolves, ect., do you find in the wilderness.

Anonymous said...

I'm never going to alaska

Anonymous said...