Thursday, November 29, 2007

Giant Bug Discovered!

Okay, so I've come across lots of bizarre and scary creatures during my travels, research, and collecting of stories. But this one is a doozy!

Scientists have just found the fossil of the biggest bug that ever lived.

How big?


That's right, a bug that's bigger than a really tall human!

This is one bug that you couldn't squish or knock out with a can of Raid. You'd need a tanker truck of Raid to get rid of this guy.

But don't worry. He's been dead for 390 million years. But that doesn't stop him from creeping me out.

Check out this story. Creeeeeeeeepy!!

I gotta go. The exterminator is here!



freedomna said...

I am scared of bugs that are 2 inches but 8 feet. WOAH that is huge.

And Jason I love your book.

Anonymous said...

WOAH! That's HUGE!!!!!!! I heard of a squid that was really big like that... hmm!

I read your book, Jason, and I absolutely LOVED it!!!

Anonymous said...

ya maybe the bug and the squid are related! or something

Anonymous said...

Omg a eight foot bug......creepy!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

A bug that big would scare anyone!
Nice pun at the end.

Anonymous said...

that is so cool!!!!!!i love scary states of america (the book and the website)(am in 4th grade and I am 9 soon going to be 10 yeas old in Feb.16 2009!!Today is Feb.6 2009!!YAY ten (10)MORE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!

Yazzmin said...

ewwwww....normally, I think that bugs are cool....but a bug thats like 80 feet long???????????? ewwwwy!

MysteryGirl1315 said...

hate bugs!