Thursday, September 27, 2007

Books of Wonder Appearance

Hey paranormal fans, I want to let all of you in the New York City area know that Michael Teitelbaum, the children's book author who helped get my book, THE SCARY STATES OF AMERICA, published will be appearing at the coolest bookstore in NYC. It called Books of Wonder. Check out their website.

The event is on Sunday, October 28, from 1-3 pm at Books of Wonder, 18 W. 18th street in Manhattan.

Michael will be speaking about the book and then signing copies.

He hopes to see you all there!!

Your friend,



Anonymous said...

Found your book in my school library. It was really good!

Anonymous said...

Found your book at a local library, when I read some of the stories (especially the one about shadow people) I looked over my shoulder to make sure nothing is there. One time I even thought I saw one! LOL!

Rebecca from NC said...

Hey Jason I finished reading all of your creepy stories and i must admit the were really scary. I have read all of the scary stories in my library and none of them have been as scary.

L. Ficklen said...

loved your book

rockergirl56 said...

hey jason ,love your book.It rocks. my friend has this werid foot print on the top of the steps. It moves very creepy.

Anonymous said...

luv ur book jason i have it right by me! the one story that i thought was just sad and creapy was bridge of sorrow. weird that the oun mother would kill her children for a rich man i say that mom was MAD