Monday, July 9, 2007

Finally, the truth about Roswell!

Just in time for the 60th anniversary of the UFO crash, comes a startling confession from someone who was there.

Lieutenant Walter Haut was the public relations officer at the Roswell base in 1947. Haut left instructions that upon his death a sworn affidavit sealed since that time was to opened.

Well, Lieutenant Haut passed away and the envelope was finally opened, revealing the truth as told by an eyewitness. I'll give you a hint. It's what my buddies and I have believed all along.

Check it out, UFO fans! Wow!! The truth about Roswell


Anonymous said...

cool. i luv spooky storys

BlackViper24 said...

Oh my gosh.. Just recently in Texas, they had this MASS UFO sightings. It was in Stephenville, TX. I totally know the authorities are covering it up, because at first they said they had 'no aircrafts in the air at that time' but like 2 days later, they said that they DID. Ugh. IDK about ya'll but, I DON'T like being lied to.

Anonymous said...

Woah... like that is so like weird!! Love it, Jason!!

Anonymous said...

finnaly! the truth comes out! awesome!

Carly Dircks said...

Holy cow!!!!!! That is so cool! I totally have 2 tell my UFO-freak friends 'bout that! Thanks, Jason!

Anonymous said...

whoa! So the truth comes out. Hey J! Did u c that new Indiana Jones movie? Never thought that the mysterious crystal skulls of ancient Mexico could be related to aliens and Roswell. Could be somthing to research huh?